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What The Boil made him, and how The Pause provided the cure.

‘how COVID made me healthy’ is a blog chronicling the story of my journey of self-rediscovery and return to health, with surprising thanks owed to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– dmac

Excerpts from Recent Posts:

  • three messages: did the dam just burst?
    There are some messages you simply cannot ignore, and when you receive three of such messages within a 36 hour period, you can’t help but recognize you’d be a fool to let them pass unnoticed and unacted upon.
  • truth and meaning found (found) in writing
    As far as my story writing ability goes, well, based on feedback, I might be able to stretch my range into semi-fiction, so I might not discard the premise I explored during the course, and instead explore it and the style further as a writing canvas to be pulled out when and if the spirit, the muse, revisits it, but it isn’t what comes naturally to me. Truth unlocked: It doesn’t come naturally to me.