pro·logue (ˈprōˌlôɡ)

The shutdown that COVID-19 caused in March 2020 brought something to my life that I hadn’t expected, and it wasn’t the obvious.

After seven months of social isolation, during what would have previously been a rare reflective moment but had now become somewhat the norm in my suddenly no longer rushed lifestyle, I came to the realization that I was becoming the person with qualities I aspired (and failed) to attain in my teenage years and twenties, and was no longer feeling lost and without goals, dreams, or purpose.

Had it not been for the horrific COVID 19 pandemic, which to date has infected 42.4 million people and taken 1,141,567 lives world-wide, I might never have elected to make the choices that finally opened the door to growing up, and becoming a healthy adult.

This blog is about my journey into self rediscovery and the awakening within me of goals, dreams, qualities and interests that seemingly had withered and gone dormant, lost to adult responsibilities.

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