sometimes you just need to open the editor; others, you need to ask for advice

I have been struggling to come up with the theme of my post tonight. I’ve tried a couple drafts in my offline editor and been distracted in sending a text to an old friend by a brain doing it’s best to distract me from the mental work of writing. Apparently I’m a procrastinator through and through, and even I know that sometimes you just need to take the leap, brain, and login to the live-editor and get to work.

Tomorrow will be Groundhog Day, and a little part of me is screaming ‘what sort of a sick joke is that?!‘ I’ve always been interested in the day being one that brought hope of an early spring, or, because it was already was -25 without the wind-chill, delivered affirmation that there was still six weeks plus of winter ahead to somehow get through. It’s going to be warm tomorrow and my hope is that because we lost our back yards in October to the chill of an oncoming winter, that maybe, we’ll be feeling the warmth of a spring breeze sooner, rather than later.

Uh, anyway, it’s been nearly eleven months of isolation, and the latest isolation-tight about to end a week from today with the reopening of restaurants, increased capacity in the malls, and gyms re-opening by appointment only (forget it, I’m even less interested in knowing how that’s going to work then actually going to the gym (or mall) myself).

I’m ready for it. I need to get out of the house and into a breakfast place for a good dark roast and too many carbs (with thanks owed to pancakes and hashbrowns) afterward we’ll pop in to buy the tartlets we’ll eat later in the day (okay, clearly my mind is enjoying that little fantasy), but I wonder if that idyllic thought will be reality, or if I will find myself wanting to stay within the very comfortable cocoon we’ve made for ourselves in past two months? I shudder to think about what it will feel like when my days of working from home come to an end.

I have been utterly jealous of the photos coming out of the Adelaide International, not just for the sun, and oh yes, the sport, but of the fully packed, completely unsocially distanced glory of it all mixed into one. That image of normalcy gives me hope that by the time our own summer starts, we to will have taken leaps forward to achieving that standard. Their pandemic lesson learned? Lock down hard for a long initial isolation and manage your border as though your life is dependent upon it. Oh, and it also helped that your homeland is an island without border sharing neighbours, no doubt, but regardless, well done Australia! I just hope our leaders on this continent took notice, and have reached out to hear and learn your success story.

groundhog day? pffft try the COVID 18 months…

So, goal achieved. I’ve generated enough content weaved together loosely together with COVID, and can sufficiently call it a post.

Complaints and concerns to the undersigned.

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