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What The Boil made him, and how The Pause provided the cure.

‘how COVID made me healthy’ is a blog chronicling the story of my journey of self-rediscovery and return to health, with surprising thanks owed to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– dmac

Excerpts from Recent Posts:

  • truth and meaning found (found) in writing
    As far as my story writing ability goes, well, based on feedback, I might be able to stretch my range into semi-fiction, so I might not discard the premise I explored during the course, and instead explore it and the style further as a writing canvas to be pulled out when and if the spirit, the muse, revisits it, but it isn’t what comes naturally to me. Truth unlocked: It doesn’t come naturally to me.
  • an update from a suitably seasonally snowy now
    Life tends to give back what you put into it.  Put in zero effort, and you should expect no reward.  I’ve said and taught that lesson to many impressionable minds over the years, but it is now clear to me that I didn’t stop to listen to myself long enough to actually learn to be just selfish enough to actually live the lessons.