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What The Boil made him, and how The Pause provided the cure.

‘how COVID made me healthy’ is a blog chronicling the story of my journey of self-rediscovery and return to health, with surprising thanks owed to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– dmac

Excerpts from Recent Posts:

  • i think i’m better now
    The hope that I had that I would get through the pandemic unscathed is now shattered.
  • sad inspiration and reckoning
    When I first started and named the blog in October, it was because at the time I certainly felt healthier than I have in years thanks to The Pause allowing me to escape The Boil, but the continuing isolation has definitely been grinding away at me so far in first couple months of this new year, making me irritable and tense. It became clear that stress management has going to become very important for me to make it through to vaccination.