three messages: did the dam just burst?

Its likely very evident I’ve been on another hiatus from writing since my last entry (I haven’t published since late November). I had hoped to end this hiatus with the arrival of the New Year, however the past two weeks have seen me struggle to write anything of a personal nature in what typically is has been my favorite time of the year to write.

The signs of breakthrough starting to coming arrived this week, when I actually opened an editor and started capturing words. However (you knew this was coming), that same editor then remained untouched for three days until I returned to the blog after spending the weekend relaxing and doing some ‘seeding’ for my now self identified and defined creative process, and engaging in some self care.

It’s often said the best ideas and processes are designed by the people who are going to be using them, and I finally seem to have accepted that this is a concept I need to apply in my own life, instead of just with the organizations I serve. (Wait, what? It, is this a fourth important message finally acknowledged as received?)

seem familiar to you? did to me as well, three days after I started it.
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two passions start: journaling and music – with thanks to my moth·er (ˈməT͟Hər)

I’ve always been a fan of the start of a New Year, the arrival of my birth day, and Labour Day, but maybe more for the elements I incorporated into them that made them special, versus the days themselves.

These occasions provide me the opportunity to indulge in a little retrospection of the recent past, and allow me to evaluate how I wished to move forward, personally, professionally, financially, with my health, my volunteering efforts, and in my relationships both romantic and platonic.

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