COVID christmas made merry; good-bye, 2020.

The COVID Christmas I had once dreaded arriving has now passed.  I survived it, in fact, it might just have been one of the best Christmases’ I’ve experienced.  Deciding to take on the anticipated misery directly, we planned to conjure up the memories of Christmases past (and I mean way back) by revisiting old family recipes for festive treats (both sweet and savoury) and combine them with the magic of some recent Christmas memories that Bae and I had created for ourselves.  The plan worked flawlessly.  This was a Christmas that I will remember as special, unique, and as one enjoyed versus one of misery for having not been able to gather with friends and family.

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the spark (spärk)

Over the years, my desire to write ebbed as The Boil did it’s work on me; my Artistry became numb and then inert. The COVID-19 pandemic lead me to rediscovering that Artistry, and this post explains how it came to be reignited.

Thanks in part to both the warming weather and the decline in new daily COVID cases, by the end of June, locally we started to emerge partially from The Pause as our world reopened with restrictions. My partner and I identified we were wrung out of energy and joy. To address this, we elected to take some much needed vacation time. 

In the five months since our last vacation to Mexico, the world and life I knew to be normal faded away. My work days became filled with interacting with clients who needed answers to situations we had never encountered before. Questions were asked of me that I didn’t have immediate answers for, that required that I collaborate with my team to discover organizational positions on topics. It was a lot of work to stay current with our changing world, and our work was harder than anything we’d done before. I’m not going to dwell on my work world as a focus of this blog, so I hope it will suffice to say, that after five months of a routine that included daily Zoom calls to update on COVID’s impact and tackling the problems of the day that demanded consistency provincially, I needed a break, big time, and my volunteering endeavours had not reopened sufficiently enough to provide an escape from my frustrations and stress.

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