i think i’m better now

Its been a long while since my last post.  I haven’t gone back and brushed up on my writings to keep the flow going, so this will be a post from The Now.

The hope that I had that I would get through the pandemic unscathed is now shattered.

I didn’t catch COVID, had no exposures, and am now a member of the Zeneca club having had my first dose; I’ve maintained my isolation and social distancing without a shred of guilt, and I’ve built coping mechanisms as the pandemic stretches on into it’s fifteenth month, but my resilience been worn down, and I wasn’t bouncing back after tough conversations or another two hour long Zoom session.

i was kidding myself
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the time has come to make my confession

I have a secret to share: I like getting high.

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Until now I’ve been writing about the past, about my life going into The Pause, and I’ve left out any discussion of my current real-time reality; that ends today. 

so many options
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