sad inspiration and reckoning

My struggles with finding the motivation to write have continued amidst some highly demanding work weeks and weekends spent actually being productive once again around the house. Sometimes I need a kick to help break me out of a funk, and sadly that kick can come with a heavy price tag attached to it, like the one that motivated me to end my writing break.

In the weeks before Christmas I finally got around to visit my physician for an overdue annual physical.  During that visit, we discussed the newly announced approvals for COVID-19vaccines, which he would rather have injected and when, and which drug maker he’d recently invested in and was already causing a nice growth in the value of his stock holdings.  When I couldn’t get in to the labs for testing until six weeks after my checkup, I visited him again for a prescription renewal to tide me over until I could visit him again in the new year to go over the results; as we said farewell we briefly discussed our respective plans for Christmas; mine were simple, his were not as he intended to travel overseas with the hope of visiting his mother in long term care.

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sometimes you just need to open the editor; others, you need to ask for advice

I have been struggling to come up with the theme of my post tonight. I’ve tried a couple drafts in my offline editor and been distracted in sending a text to an old friend by a brain doing it’s best to distract me from the mental work of writing. Apparently I’m a procrastinator through and through, and even I know that sometimes you just need to take the leap, brain, and login to the live-editor and get to work.

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a year later: COVID in Canada

From The Now:

the stuff of nightmares

A year ago today, an unwanted visitor settled into Canada and made itself at home. COVID-19. Not only did this unwanted guest settle in, it immediately started shoving the furniture around. It must be the truth that by now, so I dare say there isn’t anyone in this country that hasn’t had a taste of the COVID reality. For the majority of us, we’ve been required to isolate and to give up freedoms we took for granted; visits with friends, being with loved ones and family at Christmas, or travelling to our sand and sun winter get-aways, going out, but we’re fine, and we’ll get through this.

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